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Strategic articulation of a new cornerstone innovative education hub

Working across teams in DCU to create alignment and articulate the purpose and value of an education hub that will be a cornerstone of DCU’s future impact.

The way here

We worked with DCU educational trust and a multi department team as part of the development of a new innovative hub for the university. While the building would be home to key STEM departments, it will also host industry and community partners, and students from across campus in innovative new ways of working.

With a lot of departments and stakeholders involved from across the University, they needed to navigate a wide range of perspectives, and to articulate the strategic importance of the building in a way that resonated for everyone. And in particular to make clear a compelling vision for potential philanthropists to help fund the development.

DCU Polaris STEM facility 10,000m2 wove strategic proposition design

The way through

We interviewed a wide range of key internal stakeholders in the project to better understand the how the project and its intent was perceived. This highlighted that the new building was critical to DCU’s mission. Part of a bigger story, vision and set of investments about what the future of education looks like.

From this we developed a compelling narrative focused on the transformative work that the building would support and accelerate. And how this would drive value and positive impact for DCU, its partners and wider society. A new name, Polaris, formed part of this narrative and communicated the importance of this building as a ‘North Star’ and guiding light for the future of education.

The way forward

This helped create a common language and set of ideas that aligned everyone and helped them communicate the value and positive impact that the innovation hub would serve.

And equipped DCU with a compelling and motivating narrative for the university body, local communities, and prospective funders. The innovation hub is due to open in 2024.

Polaris DC Wove Strategy Design Innovation Hub Dublin


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