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Reshaping a London arts organisation for future impact

Helping a UK-based arts organisation co-design an ambitious vision for future impact, and empowering their team to drive change forward through sustainable models.

The way here

Having changed leadership for the first time in 40 years, the social and political context that Artsadmin operates in had changed immensely since its founding.

Wove was engaged as a strategic partner to support Artsadmin in setting a confident and ambitious course for its future success, while at the same time protecting the integrity and legacy of a much loved organisation. Ensuring this change and direction was driven by an internal groundswell was integral to the project. We needed to deliver deeply on Artsadmin’s values of equity and inclusion.

The way through

We developed a programme of activity that utilised a co-design approach to strategic change and involved participation from Artsadmin leadership, board members, the wider team and key stakeholders.

Through research and insights mapping, we built a clearer picture of how the different groups worked together to create value. We facilitated an engaging ideation event that brought these groups together to explore new models, projects and ways of working that could deliver positive impact. We facilitated a cycle of iteration and collaboration with the team to develop these into strategic priorities for moving forward.

We developed a simple toolkit that could be used by the team on a day-to-day basis. An idea to co-design a printed “manifesto” was developed, that would capture and communicate change across the organisation.

The way forward

The process empowered the leadership and teams in Artsadmin and aligned their thinking into clear mental models and a shared language. Day-to-day, the toolkits inform their actions and ensure activity is connected with high-level strategic intent. The process also surfaced and actioned key cross-team projects that would progress organisational aims; and embed new and sustainable ways of working.

Working collaboratively with Artsadmin, Wove’s activity and outputs defined a shift in how they thought and acted. The manifesto created more clarity around their value and offering, and built confidence across the team to connect and share with new partners. This unlocked significant support from new and lapsed Artsadmin funders.

Wove genuinely inspired collaborative thought and discussion, which helped the team achieve clarity and the organisation achieve meaningful change.


Deborah Chadbourn
Executive Director, Artsadmin

A Vehicle for Change

During the process we co-developed the idea to produce a “manifesto” - a printed newspaper that would act as a vehicle to mark the strategic shifts and drive change within the organisation and with stakeholders. Informing a visual and brand update, the manifesto also functioned as an integral core mission document. Artsadmin used it to secure new financing and support from the Bloomberg Philanthropies Digital Accelerator programme.


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