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Journal Media

Exploring new revenue models for digital journalism

Working with Ireland’s independent digital news service to explore new ways to generate revenue and support journalism in a fast changing news landscape.

The way here

The Journal is Ireland’s first indigenous digital first news service. A lot had changed in the 10 years since it launched with digital becoming the dominant news delivery format, a fast evolving news eco-system constantly in flux, and readers with huge choice and access to news – what interests them, when and how they want it.

The Journal finds itself in this context striving to deliver strong impartial independent journalism. Having found initial success with a support donation model during covid they wanted to explore new ways to generate revenue, to more sustainably support meaningful journalism in a fast changing news landscape.

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The way through

We undertook research to map and understand the shifts and models in the landscape, and to build a deeper understanding of their readership – what they valued about the service, and their motivations for making it part of their news routines. This allowed us to define a range of different types of revenue models emerging – mission based support, community based access and subject specific transactions, and to outline the key opportunities for The Journal.

Based on the readers motivations and their key offerings across their product eco-system, we articulated the mechanisms that would drive the different types of revenue. Clarifying the purpose, value proposition and brand drivers to connect internal principles with external expectations, creating the context for the call to support. And outlined a roadmap of activity to test, evolve and grow the approach.

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The way forward

The Journal team moved quickly to launch and test the new approaches which helped unlock an immediate growth in support based revenue. They continue to move the project forward, embedding a range of reader revenue mechanics into their model. Building a clear and compelling case for reader support, and continuing to test, evolve and grow.

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“Wove helped us make sense of how our readers see and value our work and what we would need to do to make our proposition clearer to them.”


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